Irrespective of whether you have inherited money or have recently become rich, many of you would agree that it is a great idea to turn the cash into real assets. This will enable your wealth to grow. However, asset protection requires you to do things differently. Apart from mutual funds, you can invest in the following assets:

  • Fine Art: The majority of wealthy investors do not spend on fine art simply because they admire the work and want it to adorn their homes. They do so mostly because they understand its value.
  • Gold: Since ancient times, gold has been considered one of the most precious metals. Gold has always been a place for the wealthy to store their money. It is justified because gold holds substantial value even if paper currency weakens.
  • Exclusive real estate: When people refer to “exclusive real estate”, they usually mean property that is not very popular in the market. It is hardly ever used to acquire a huge return. Instead, it could be some form of historical building.