Market will remain fascinating 🤔 😇 as always
3 year return negative 5% ⤵️
Single week return positive 5% ⤴️
Add 7% absolute return of today. 🎠

Timing ⏳ the market is pretty much difficult for investors
There are techno~funda~mentalist but all the market participants shares the brunt of the super smart market itself. No one is supreme 👑 here.

Gross asset allocation & Fund allocation and within fund allocation sector allocation holds the key.
Last month 1/3rd of market cap got wiped ✂️ off from equity portfolio in a locked down 😷 state. Those who are sheer traders are struggling with the volatility and those who are long term investors are struggling to grasp 😳 the new reality.
There is no escape route and no amount of pacifying words will bring back the money 🏦 that got deflated with the index. It’s my earnest request to add ➕ on to the equity portfolio once market settles down, specially in beaten down and good quality stocks to the tune of 50% of the existing size of your portfolio. If you have debt allocation, shift 🔂 funds from debt to equities.
For eg, 100 is now 70 (1/3rd reduction), add 50% of 70, or 35 to make it 105. This 50% allocation should be in 3 tranches (16% each time)
Interest rate is down 1% in fixed instruments and individual businesses will take a toll going forward as small enterprises lack control or reach.

Market is reasonably valued now. However, more corrections can’t be ruled out. My investment inflex points at
8000, 7000, 6000 to the way downward. ⏬
10000, 11000 and 12000 to the way upward. ⏫

Please do not panic or get disturbed, 📴 indifferent, annoyed with current state of portfolio as these situations are part of equity investment.
We are all 🤵 available for fund selection, portfolio assessment, switch request and fresh fund allocation strategies.

Stay safe and be happy. 🙂

Good luck! Happy investing with

Jp Investments.